Protestors of ‘Aggressive Treatment’ Plan to Rally on Belle Isle Tonight

DETROIT, MI – 11: 30PM Update to this article.  The Detroit Free Press reports that only about 20 people gathered for a protest on the island park Friday night.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that a rally to protest the aggressive treatment of citizens on Belle Isle by the Michigan State Police and the DNR is planned for this evening starting at 6PM.

This is not unexpected because this is the same mentality that allowed Belle Isle to become run down, uncared for and a place where laws were not being enforced.

Ron Scott, a spokesperson for the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Belle Isleneeds to look no further than the DNR Weekly Reports to see that this rally is baseless.  This is yet another group of the derelict past that is looking for media coverage.  If those behind the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality were serious about their continued presence, they should start by updating their website with current information.  This is 2014.  Many people get their information from the internet.  In a check of it appears that the last time information on that site was updated was in 2012.

Ron Scott, Malik Shabazz and those who represent groups ‘protesting’ need to get on board to the very real and lasting changes that are coming to a city and and island that are very necessary.

The media can do better by not giving these types of groups media coverage unless those in the media can clearly see that an injustice does exist.  Stop wasting space and air time for those who wish to only keep Detroit in the gutter for their own gain.  The Ron Scott’s and Malik Shabazz’s enjoy stirring the pot for a beneficial reaction to stroke their egos.

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