Walled Lake Man Found Murdered Inside Closet

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WALLED LAKE, MI – A 51 yr old man by the name of John Watson was found inside a closet inside an murderapartment murdered Sunday.

Neighbors in the Tivoli Apartments on W. West Maple Road had complained to management for several days about a foul odor.  Management had told residents that they had checked every apartment and found that it was ‘garbage’ that was causing the smell.  Residents had even propped open a door to the building to clear the odor out.

Police are releasing few details except that the body was badly decomposed.  Police have not released the name of suspect at this time. What is known is that the 21 yr old man is in custody and has confessed to the murder.

The victim, John Watson, was found to be wrapped in cellophane and blankets inside a closet inside the apartment.  The suspect used cat litter deodorizer powder and spray deodorizers to try to hide the smell of the decomposing body. His body may have been there for as long as 3 weeks.

The 21 yr old’s mother brought her son into the Walled Lake Police station around noon on Sunday after she went to the apartment.  She originally had gone to the suspects apartment to try to get him involved in celebrating Mother’s Day with her.  After arriving to the apartment she knew that something was wrong.  That is when she questioned her son and discovered John Watson’s body. She then transported her son to the Walled Lake Police Department where he admitted to the murder and was taken into custody.  That lead officers to launch a homicide investigation and locate the body.  Both the mother and son have been cooperative with investigators.  This is not the way any mother would want to spend Mother’s Day.

Neighbors say that the victim was pretty much a loner and kept to himself.  Both men lived in the same building in the apartment complex   Both men also have prior criminal records. The suspect has had almost two dozen contacts with authorities in the past but had never been arrested by Walled Lake police prior to this.  It is uncertain the relationship between the two.  Residents of the apartment complex are completely unnerved by the entire situation.

An autopsy conducted Monday determined the man died of multiple stab wounds.  Arraignment for the suspect should take place some time on Tuesday.

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