Safest Detroit Fireworks Event in Many Years

DETROIT, MI – A massive police presence in downtown Detroit made the detroit fireworksfireworks event the safest that many have experienced in many years.

You were surrounded by uniformed and undercover officers at the Detroit river front and on Belle Isle which is now a state park.  Over 114 teens who were not with an adult after 6pm were rounded up, loaded onto buses and taken to the 4th precinct where they were given tickets and will be required to pay a fine.  Once at the precinct their parents were called to pick them up.  Some parents who were called to come and get their children felt that the curfew was unnecessary.  Others were happy to see that law enforcement kept to their word.  Parents who could not pick up their kids until morning were given a bill for $500 to lodge their child overnight in the jail.

An interesting part to the evening was that Hart Plaza was only at about 60% capacity for the entire event.  Some problems had happened over the weekend with fights that broke out at River Days.  There were also reports that gangs were going to the roaming during the fireworks causing issues.  Those problems did not come into play.

It was a very family friendly evening for all who attended.