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Preserving a Bygone Era in Alpena

ALPENA, MI – There are only two left in town.  This carriage step is located in carriage stepfront of a home at 534 Washington Avenue in Alpena.

The carriage step had been a common sight along Washington Avenue and other parts of major avenues in town.  This particular carriage step is being worked on to preserve it for many more years to come so others can see it.  It is extremely important that small treasures like this be preserved when possible.

A carriage step is a block of stone placed near the edge of the street usually in line with the front doorway of a home, it served as a stepping stone to help passengers as they climbed in and out of carriages. Popular back in the horse and buggy days of the 19th century carriage steps could be seen in towns and cities all over the United States. They are rarely seen in the present day as most carriage steps have been destroyed because they became obsolete when cars took over as primary transportation.

Horse Hitching PostHitching posts were also a common sight near older homes in the area as well.  This hitching post is one of very few left in Alpena.  It is located to the side of the old Carl Henry home at 303 State Street.



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