Meijer in Alpena Starting to Take Shape

ALPENA, MI – In just 60 days since construction began on the new Meijer Crane has been brought on site for Meijer ConstructionSupercenter on M-32, a lot has already taken place.

On April 30th, 2014 the construction began with bulldozers and tree removal equipment.  Since then the property has been cleared and is being leveled out.

Today a large crane was erected to start putting in the steel framing to the new building.  It will not be long and we will see concrete being poured to support the steel framing.

At the front of the property the fuel tanks for the new gas station were put in the ground a couple of weeks ago and have since been buried.  That portion of the property is fenced off and will be the first portion of the new supercenter to open based on what the company has stated is their plans.

Further back from the gas station one of the retention ponds is also starting to take shape.  Work on the property starts very early in the morning and continues until the sun almost goes down.  Rockford Construction of Grand Rapids and Team Elmers have been going full tilt to keep the project on track.

Many residents in the area have a great deal of interest and curiosity about the construction progress.  It is evidenced by the stream of cars that came and went from the rear of Stanson Floor Covering & Furniture

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