40th Annual Michigan Brown Trout Festival Winners

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ALPENA, MI – The 40th Annual Michigan Brown Trout Festival is now part of Michigan Brown Trout Festivalthe history books.  From all indications this years event was another great success for the festival and the Alpena area.

Here are the results from the tournament:

Brown Trout
1.Marty Atkinson12.90 lbs.
2.Victor Ross10.35 lbs.
3.Kyle Wirgau7.90 lbs.
4.Don Harrison5.35 lbs.


1.Adam Birk9.65 lbs.
2.Kyle Everitt 8.90 lbs.
3.Brent Holcomb8.70 lbs.
4.Shawn Szatkowski8.60 lbs.


1.Tim Wieczerkowski16.25 lbs.
2.Wayne Suszek16.05 lbs.
3.Luke Sitton15.50 lbs.
4.Bill Kowalski14.60 lbs.
5.Vince Fusina14.50 lbs.


1.Art Lewandowski13.20 lbs.
2.Ben Straley8.50 lbs.
3.Bob Kowalski8.45 lbs.
4.David Rensberry8.35 lbs.
5.Bobby Kowalski8.35 lbs.


Ladies Classic Tournament
1.Jamie Smigelski45.00 lbs.
2.Misty Dragiewicz43.35 lbs.
3.Ashley Werda41.70 lbs.
4.Julie Hasse37.80 lbs.
5.Jane Aubrey36.95 lbs.


Two Day Waylleye Tournament
 Captain’s NameWeight
Day 1
Day 2
Total Weight
1. Kyle Everitt23.65 lbs.25.10 lbs.48.75 lbs.
2. Andrei Sawruk24.45 lbs.20.80 lbs.45.25 lbs.
3. Rob DeMatio20.95 lbs.20.95 lbs.41.90 lbs.
4. Brett Gilbertson29.15 lbs.11.25 lbs.40.40 lbs.
5. Wayne Van Dyke15.60 lbs.23.35 lbs.38.95 lbs.

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