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McLaren Macomb Hospital Security Staff Tase Handcuffed Man in Wheelchair

MT. CLEMENS, MI – A video that was shot at McLaren Macomb Hospital is causing a great deal of controversy about what did and did not happen when a man was being detained.

The video appears to be showing a McLaren Macomb Hospitalhandcuffed man pleading for help being dragged out of a car, being restrained and tased by Clinton Township Police and McClaren Hospital private security officers.  But is that exactly what transpired?

Clinton Township Police arrested Maurice Taylor for a DUI following an accident. They took him to McLaren Macomb Hospital for treatment following the accident.  Taylor was combative and was resisting officials.  The police did have the right to detain him and restrain him as necessary for the safety of the officers and security personnel that were at the emergency room entrance to the hospital.

Richard Carman uploaded the video to his Facebook page showing a man being forcefully detained by what seem to be McLaren Macomb Hospital Security Staff.  The video has been shared out over 15,000 times so far on social media and is gaining traction.

In his description, Carman states: Share this video!!! Police brutality in Macomb county!!! This man was dragged from the car, choked, and tasered…afterward McClaren security stole my phone and had Macomb sheriff detain me for recording the assault.

The handcuffed man can be heard pleading for help saying I’m scared for my life

The entire time the man on film can be heard screaming that he doesn’t want to be killed and that he hasn’t done anything.

As Carman records, the security staff alert someone to get him off of the property. When Carman refuses to leave, he is approached by another security worker who takes his phone and refuses to give it back.  Then the security worker can be heard saying “You’ll get it in a couple of minutes.”

A few moments later Macomb County sheriff’s deputy arrives and detains Carman.

The following is a full statement provided by McLaren Macomb Hospital:

“Over the past 24 hours, a video has surfaced which has generated many emails and inquiries here at our hospital. We are providing clarification in the post below.

On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, a man was picked up by police and brought to our hospital. The arrival at the hospital was caught on video and has led to several mistaken assumptions and conversation on social media.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the prisoner became combative with police officers, refusing to walk into the hospital for the testing. While the video implies that the prisoner was wheelchair-bound, this is not the case. Because he refused to leave the police vehicle to enter the hospital, a wheelchair was brought out to transport the prisoner into the hospital. As a result, an altercation occurred between police and the prisoner outside the emergency room entrance.

Per hospital policy, our security team reported to the area to help ensure no visitors or patients were impacted. In the video, all of our security team members can be seen wearing shirts that read “SECURITY”. The other individuals in the video are with the local police department. Our security team provided support to the police officers, but at no time did our team use extreme physical force, nor did our team use any electronic device or taser to control the prisoner. None of our security team members carry tasers.

As part of our policy designed to protect patient privacy, the unauthorized use of video equipment and cameras is prohibited anywhere on our hospital campus. The person who captured this video was on hospital property and did not have permission from the prisoner or any other team member to video this interaction. While our security team initially confiscated the camera phone used to capture this incident, it was quickly determined that because the prisoner was not yet in the hospital there were no patient rights concerns. The phone was returned to its owner less than 10 minutes later. Our security team has been coached regarding the need to balance our commitment to patient privacy and our respect for personal property, and our security manager is reaching out to the owner of the phone to provide an apology for the frustration he experienced.

With all the social media commentary regarding this incident, little has been said about the condition of the patient after arrival inside the emergency department. Without violating his right to privacy, we can share that he was not admitted to the hospital, and was released back into the custody of the police department. There were no issues or disturbances during his time in our emergency room.

We understand that we live in a time in which every moment can be captured on video and shared globally. Often, without the details behind the visuals, social media comments may seem to offer a true narration. Unfortunately, the passion demonstrated via social media in condemning actions seen on video is rarely shown when assumptions are proven to be inaccurate.

Hopefully this additional detail will provide the appropriate context about what is shown on the video.”

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