This is full blown, police state hysteria. What next? The cops invoke the boston rule, and search door to door, with DNA swabs also?

Sounds like a violation of my rights


Also if they run your plates without reasonable suspicion, that is an illegal search.

Eric Schuh · Top Commenter

This is typical hick town police work. I grew up in Almont and worked at a place that had money stolen. The extent of the police investigation was handing out a survey with questions like “what would you do if you had the stolen money?” Barney Fife would be proud. They will never catch this killer and the reason is the parents of this girl handed her over on a silver platter. They let her walk through the woods alone on a daily basis. The person was probably watching her for weeks finding the perfect time to have no witnesses. Parents don’t let your kids go anywhere alone that isn’t public unless you have taught them to defend themselves. Even then put down candy crush and take that walk with them or have them go with a group of friends.
Lori Dziegeleski Haskell · Wayne State University
Completely illegal.
Then there are those who are coming to the defense of law enforcement for doing what they feel is necessary to solve this case:

For all of you people who are upset that police were “violating your constitutional right” – what about that girls right to life? What about justice? There is a murderer walking around free. What about safety? What would you do/ what would you want done if it was your daughter? Wouldnt you want them to do anything and everything in their power to find the person who took that precious life away from you. This is whats wrong with the world today. So many people worried about their rights being violated. Authorities asking questions to try and find a murderer….. Seriously? You have a problem with this? Whats the matter. Do you have something to hide?


I live in the village of Armada and my husband was returning home from work when he was stopped at a checkpoint. He was not searched, he was not marked with an “x”. He said that the police were asking the same questions from the same questionnaire that the FBI brought door to door on Saturday. With that being said, if some people are complaining that they think their rights were violated because police asked them if they saw this child walking on the day she was killed, then too bad, so sad. Suck it up. I knew this child. Saw her out quite often walking her dog. I want this person caught. I’m scared to let my kids walk down to the gas station to buy a pop. I would have thought that if this were your child you would want the police to do everything they can. They are trying to find a child killer. Isn’t that what we pay them for?

April Millsap will be laid to rest today at 11 a.m. in Armada.