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The Walls of the New Meijer in Alpena are Going Up

ALPENA, MI – On April 30th, 2014 is when bulldozers were noticed to be clearing the land.  It did not take long and the property was cleared of the old buildings, trees and other Meijer Main Store Under Constructiondebris.  Three months later we are seeing dramatic changes unfolding on the Meijer property on M-32.

This is one of the largest construction projects that Alpena has had in several years.  When completed it will be a 192,000 square foot Meijer Super Center.  It is estimated that $20 million dollars will be spent for this project.

Meijer is located in five states throughout the midwest, with over 200 stores and more than 60,000 employees. Their midwest geography includes their corporate offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and stores, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities throughout Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

As a multi-billion dollar retailer, Meijer is ranked as the 15th largest privately held company in the country. They have become a respected leader in the competitive retail market by sticking to core values of customers, competition, family, freshness, and safety & health.

Infrastructure for the construction has been underway for some time now.  A week ago utilities and drainage were being installed.  All of a sudden two structures are going up very quickly.

At the front of the property the steel structure and some concrete walls have been put in place for the new fuel station.  Also during the past week, the precast concrete sections for the walls were being placed in position for the main store.

A lot of work is also being done on the entrances to the property.  The entrance on Bagley Street has been opened up a great deal.  Workers with bulldozers and backhoes were seen this week working on that side of the property.  It appeared that drainage was being installed.

The concrete pillars that the lighting will stand on for the parking lot have also been put in place.

It is fascinating to see what can be done in just 90 days.  Team Elmers  and Rockford Construction have been making quick work of the project.  Just imagine what it will all look like in another 90 days.

Checkout the photo gallery from this week below.

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