Partyers from Weekend Rave Vow Another ProjectP Will Happen

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MECOSTA COUNTY, MI – Take one arrogant and cocky 20 year old. A family farm in rural Mecosta County. The power of the internet. Add in 2,000 plus people with illegal drugs and alcohol and you have yourself a Rave.

Rave Organizer James Taylor

Rave Organizer James Taylor

It all started out as a planned birthday party for a friend, but it quickly grew to more than 2,000 people. One of the Rave organizers, James Taylor, also said that it was a goodbye party for him before he moves to California next week.

Authorities throughout Michigan are now on heightened alert for any possibilities that another Rave might be planned in the future like the one that took place over the weekend at a rural farm in Hinton Township.

It is being reported that another is slated for this weekend with over 12,000 people invited.  It was supposedly to take place in Greenville but references to that have been removed.  It is uncertain as to where the next one will pop up.

Using the one of the main hashtags of on Twitter, some of those posting seem to be taunting police to see if they can find where the next one will be planned before it can be shut down. Partygoers are looking for ‘Round 3’.

They also feel that the media coverage of the Rave is making this one ‘legendary and ‘one for the books’.

For those who did not or were not able to attend this past weekend, they are willing do whatever it takes to be part of the next Rave.

posted on Twitter this morning the following:  “Just wanna thank the news people for talking about Haha now more people know about it, bigger turnout next time”.  Another posted ‘Haha it was on the radio, News people are dumb they are just hyping the next one up more, now more people know’.

James Taylor’s family farm or as he likes to call it “his party house” is where the event took place.  Many who did and did not attend are calling him ‘Legendary’ for taking the risk.  Taylor even seems to thumb his nose in many ways to what he knows is coming his way as far as legal charges and possible restitution to the taxpayers.

During an interview with reporter Troy Campbell of Fox 17 News last evening, Taylor is arrogant and cocky with his views about what transpired on the property that his family has owned for over 100 years.  Taylor said “I feel like anybody that’s got a real problem with me partying out here in the middle of nowhere is a spaz.”

Those who attended the Rave over the weekend have been reading all of the media coverage, watching all of the broadcasts on the news and this morning it is being talked about throughout Michigan on various radio programs and they are paying attention.  However, they are not paying attention for the right reasons.

Allegations of Criminal Sexual Conduct of a 19 year old girl from Mt. Pleasant in a vehicle at the party, at least 6 overdoses from illegal drugs and hundreds of minors in possession of alcohol are just the tip of this iceberg. Authorities are pouring over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for those who attended the Rave.  James Taylor is assured that he will not be the only one Project P Promotionwho will face multiple charges.

The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department was completely caught off guard as to what was being planned on the farm at 4708 70th Avenue, Blanchard, MI.

An online flyer advertising the Rave called “Project P” billed it as the “craziest event of your lifetime.”

As details have emerged about this event, it has been learned from Charrelle Dunston that the Rave “was all online on Facebook, they weren’t giving the address out til a couple hours before the party that way the cops couldn’t plan for it and try to stop it,” she said.  Event organizer James Taylor said that his address was given out at about 4 p.m. on Saturday, which was just enough time for a heads up to people who wanted to attend but not enough time for word to get out to police.

Police were alerted to the party about 11 p.m. on Saturday after getting complaints about cars parked in the road.  Law enforcement had to escalate their response around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday after dispatchers began after receiving calls about people overdosing and multiple injuries.  Dispatchers described the party as a ‘Rave’ which brought out a huge response by authorities.

EMS ResponseA ‘mass casualty incident’ response to the rural farm was initiated, which included every available deputy, officer and paramedic from Mecosta, Montcalm and Isabella counties.  The massive response brought police from 3 counties and EMS from 2 jurisdictions to the scene.

Police say several people were treated on scene and taken to the hospital for alcohol and drug related injuries and overdoses.  Those requiring medical attention were transported to Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview, Mount Pleasant Hospital and Spectrum Health in Big Rapids.  Officers on scene requested a medical helicopter but were told flights were unavailable due to weather.

Mecosta County Sheriff Todd Purcell instructed his deputies not to attempt to break up the party, fearing it would worsen the matter and prompt some of the attendees to drive drunk.  The Sheriff was also concerned for the safety of his officers due to the amount of people that were at the party.

Though James Taylor has said that he is willing to face the music for this past weekend, it is doubtful that Taylor will make it past the county line for his planned trip out of town.  It is pretty certain that the county prosecutor will make sure that does not happen any time soon.  Taylor stated during an interview with Fox 17 News that “it was worth it” despite drug overdoses.

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