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Fairfield Inn & Suites to Build New Hotel in Alpena

ALPENA, MI – This week another hotel chain, Fairfield Inn & Suites® by Fairfield logoMarriott, has announced their intent to build their hotel on the remaining portion of the old Fletcher motel property just north of Dean Arbor Ford on US-23 north.

Last week it was announced that a new Holiday Inn Express® will be built in downtown Alpena at the corner of River and N. 3rd Avenue.

HHC Hospitality has submitted plans for a Fairfield Inn & Suites® by Marriott to the City of Alpena. They have submitted plans of intent to build a four story, 78 room hotel. HHC Hospitality has their corporate offices based in South Lyon, MI.

HHC Hospitality executive Terry Riddle said that a lot of research was done and it pointed to a need for hotel expansion in Alpena.  Riddle also said that the new hotel will be somewhat of a prototype, as it will only be the second of its kind constructed.  The first was built in Indiana.

Fairfield Inn and Suites conceptFairfield Inn & Suites® by Marriott is a lower-cost, economy brand of hotel that is franchised by Marriott International. The properties are geared towards guests requiring a place to sleep with fewer amenities, thus allowing Marriott to offer lower prices than would otherwise be possible. This is accomplished via cost-saving measures, such as consistent building architecture and bedding, and the omission of a full-service restaurant. Fairfield Inn & Suites® by Marriott is a direct competitor to Holiday Inn Express®.

Amenities can vary by location for a Fairfield Inn & Suites® by Marriott. This hotel will offer a pool, breakfast bar, free high speed internet service and Wi-Fi to name just a few.

The developers are waiting to make sure that their variance request is granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals of Alpena  before proceeding.  HHC Hospitality has been talking with the City of Alpena for more than a year about the project, but only recently have stepped forward with an actual proposal to build the new hotel.  The developers of the new hotel do not have a site plan ready as of yet for the property.  They have stated that they will have a simplified site plan available for the Zoning Board of Appeals hearing.

“Many groups and people have made a great deal of effort to make the City of Alpena a sought after place to locate a business, and those efforts appear to be paying off,” said city planning and development director Adam Poll.  “It appears that the rest of the state is taking notice of our warm and friendly port.”

HHC Hospitality has indicated that they intend to break ground this fall for the new hotel and preliminary plans for it to be open by late fall of 2015.

The Zoning Board of Appeals for Alpena will hear zoning variance requests by representatives from the developers of both the Holiday Inn Express® and Fairfield Inn & Suites® by Marriott.  Due to zoning requirements, a height variance would be needed for both hotels, and has been requested by the developers of each property. The hearing will be held on August 27th, 2014.

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