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History was Made for 2014 Lafarge Presque Isle Quarry 5K/Run

PRESQUE ISLE, MI – Hundreds turned out for the 1st Annual Lafarge Presque IMG_6386Isle Quarry 5K/Run this morning.  It was an incredible turnout for a first ever event.

On this cool overcast Saturday morning, under the threat of rain, employees of Lafarge, organizers, participants and spectators came by the dozens to experience a one of a kind 5K/Run/Walk in Lafarge’s Stoneport Presque Isle Quarry.

Over Two hundred Seventy five people participated in the Dork Brothers sponsored Quarry Run. From the very young to the older took up the challenge of running or walking in the first ever event.

Winner Ron Zywicki, 53 yrs old

Winner Ron Zywicki, 53 yrs old

History was made today because never in the 60 years of operations of the Lafarge Stoneport Quarry had it been opened up to the public for such an event.

Prior to today,  recent rains had threatened to stop the race because they had put the entire course underwater.  The employees of Lafarge outdid themselves to ensure that today would be a success.  They raised up the course by using several hundred tons of blast from the quarry.

Participants of the race competed on a course that encompassed the 60 year old mining operation and were able to enjoy views of the quarry from its very depths.  In many respects the quarry looked like a very deep dessert or a moonscape from the many years of blasting .  Something that would otherwise never been seen in northern Michigan if it were not for the operations of Lafarge and its massive quarry.  Lake Huron could also be seen in the short distance.  The experience and the breathtaking scenery all around is one that so many will not soon forget.

The employees of Lafarge and the many many volunteers were very accommodating to everyone who came to experience the quarry and the anniversary celebration of quarry operations.

Lafarge had on display the huge dump trucks, drills and other pieces of equipment that are used on a daily basis to operate and manage the quarry operations.  Anyone standing next to one of the dump trucks were made to look very tiny in comparison to the equipment.  It was an experience and sight up close that is not often had by the general public.

East Grand Lake Fire & EMS

East Grand Lake Fire & EMS

Congratulations to the employees of the Lafarge Presque Isle Quarry on the 60th anniversary celebration and for a job well done.

East Grand Lake Fire and EMS also participated by being on continuous standby for all in case anyone were injured or were in need of immediate medical services.

All proceeds from today benefited the Cancer Center at Alpena Regional Medical Center. The Cancer Center is a partnership with the University of Michigan and provides comprehensive cancer care to the residents of northeast Michigan.

Photo highlights can be found here. Enhanced Video of Lafarge Presque Isle Quarry 5K/Run.  Further video of the race can be located here.


Top 5 Finishing Runners
Age Finishing Time
Ron Zywicki Male – 53 17.120
Joe Traynham Male – 17 18.23
Chris Olds Male – 28 18.26
Hudson Swbalak Male – 18 18.44
Kolin Ghidoni Male – 16 19.35

Thank you to Amanda Cordes for ensuring that we had access that would have never happened so that this article could be written properly.  Your organization and efforts were very much appreciated by all.


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