90 Year Old Cancer Survivor Walks in the Relay For Life of Alpena County

ALPENA, MI – Shock and then almost overwhelmed with emotion are probably the best ways to describe our encounter with 90 year old Lenore Brousseau.

While photographing the early portions of the Relay For Life of Alpena County this morning, an old woman walked slowly down the path with her walker towards me.  As she neared, I continued to take photos of those in the charity event.

She stopped to my left hand side and introduced herself.  She had no idea of why we were there or what our part in the event was about.  She said in a very quiet voice:

My name is Lenore Brousseau.  I am 90 years old.  I am a cancer survivor.  Where do I register?  I had come.  I had to be here.

The shock of what she had just told me took more than a moment to wear off.  We were at the farthest corner of the track from registration and told her as much.  She smiled and said:

Thank you.  I will make it.

Lenore and her walker slowly made it around the track to registration.  And as evidence of that from these photos, she proudly is walking in the Relay For Life of Alpena County today.

Bless you Ms. Brousseau.  You are an inspiration and a true cancer Survivor !

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