Michigan to Target Disability Fraud with the U.S Government

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DETROIT, MI – To those that have scammed or are still committing fraud in Social Securitydisability claims, beware.  You could have put a target on your back for committing Social Security fraud.

Michigan is teaming up with the United States government to start another round of investigations for those who scam the Social Security Disability system.

There are two very definite parts to this issue.  The first being that Social Security is in need of a serious overhaul because it could run out of money if we as the American people do not get a better handle on it.

The second being that it is no secret that there are people on the dole that do not belong.  Those are the ones that need to get booted and prosecuted.

The State of Michigan and the federal government are partnering to launch a new unit to investigate, track down and crack down on Social Security Disability Fraud.

Social Security Disability fraud can be found in a variety of ways:

  • Concealing work activity while receiving disability benefits
  • Receiving Social Security Benefits for a child not under their care
  • Failing to notify the Social Security Administration of the death of a beneficiary and continues to receive and cash the checks of the deceased
  • Concealing a marriage or assets from the Social Security Administration while receiving Supplemental Security Income payments
  • Residing overseas and is receiving Supplemental Security Income Payment
  • Misuses benefits when acting as a Representative Payee
  • Filing multiple applications for Social Security Disability Benefits
  • Exaggerating or lying about disabilities

The above list covers a range of items that the unit will look for and investigate.  That is by no means a complete list.

The Social Security Administration has been doing cooperative disability investigations since 1997 and estimates $2.8 billion in savings to Social Security programs. Another $1.8 billion in savings are projected in related federal and state programs.

The cooperative disability investigations program consists of 25 units covering 21 states and Puerto Rico.

If you suspect someone is committing Social Security Disability fraud, you can file a report online.  Reporting allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse concerning SSA programs and operations can be done at Socialsecurity.gov.

The Social Security Administration addresses allegations of criminal activity and serious misconduct involving Social Security employees as well. Moreover, the Social Security Administration also has jurisdiction to investigate allegations of work and assets concealment, representative payee misuse and trafficking of Social Security numbers and cards.

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