Many Interested in the Meijer Construction Project in Alpena

ALPENA, MI – At any given time during the day light hours people can be seen driving through to see what the construction looks like on the new Meijer being built on M-32.

Meijer Construction 08/20/2014
Meijer Construction 08/20/2014

In an effort to let as many see what is happening, photos and video are published on a regular basis on  Even those who live out of the area or even the state who have an interest or connection to Alpena who like to see the progress.  Several emails have come in asking for information.

Below are photos that were taken on August 20th, 2014.

Two short video clips can be found here:  Video Clip 1 and Video Clip 2

One of the most searched for answers on the site is “When will the new Meijer in Alpena open?”  Answer: No set date has been announced as of yet when that will take place.  As soon as that information is available, it will be published here.

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