Jay Towers Named as New Weekday Morning Anchor at Fox 2 Detroit

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SOUTHFIELD, MI – In an interesting move by WJBK, Fox 2 News, Jay Towers has Jay Towersbeen named as the morning anchor to replace Alan Lee who vacated the anchor chair on July 31st, 2014.

Towers will anchor from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. alongside Anqunette Jamison.  It will be interesting to see what, if any kind of, chemistry and flow will happen between the two.  Jamison tends to be a more reserved newscaster whereas Towers is a little more loose and free.

There was never a question of who had the top spot at the morning anchor desk when Alan Lee was behind it.  Lee always had command.

Jay will also continue to host his weekday morning radio program “Jay Towers in the Morning” on 100.3 WNIC from the FOX 2 studios in Southfield.

Those familiar with the weekend broadcasts know that Jay Towers has been a fixture on there for several years.  Recently along side Taryn Asher.

Best of Luck to Jay Towers on your new position with Fox 2 News.

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