With Fall Approaching Governor Snyder Urges Propane Customers to Fill Up Early

LANSING, MI – With last years winter still fresh in the collective memories of propane pigeveryone in Michigan, Governor Snyder is urging propane and heating oil customers to get their tanks filled early.

On January 10th, 2014, Governor Snyder declared a State of Energy Emergency in Michigan due to temporary shortages of heating oil and propane.

The extreme cold and hazardous winter weather continued to impact every community in the state for weeks. The heating oil and propane shortage was caused by increased demand due to subzero temperatures and uncharacteristically heavy snowfall that delayed deliveries of heating oil and propane to many throughout the state.

Snyder stated that now is the time to get an early fill, lock-in prices ahead of the heating season and get on a budget payment plan, if available.

Snyder announced that various state agencies are ready to assist propane customers, should the upcoming winter tighten propane and heating oil supplies again.

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