Water Fight Continues in Detroit

DETROIT, MI – As promised, water shut offs resumed Tuesday August 26th, water fight2014, in the City of Detroit for those who did not pay, those who think they won’t have their water shut off or those who have decided they could not pay even though assistance is available.

It is no surprise that the ones who are trying to make a name for themselves are still beating the drum of “Water is a human right”.

The People’s Water Board Coalition has gone to court seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the shutoffs that will be heard at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday September 2nd, 2014.

In a statement printed in the Detroit News, the Rev. Charles Williams II said “We’re standing up and saying now is not the time to cut water off to those who need it the most”.  He also made the statement “Water is a human right. What the mayor (and) governor is doing is immoral. It’s just flat-out inhumane. If it’s been working to get some back on, why not let it work to get all back on? Everybody deserves to have water, not just some”.

Charles WilliamsThe Rev. Charles E. Williams II, President of the National Action Network-Michigan Chapter is the exact type of person that was referenced in a recent article entitled ‘Water Bills not the Problem in Detroit; Entitlement Mindset is the Crisis‘.  He is loud.  He is brash and is what is known as a ‘media whore’.

There are three of these individuals who are well known in the Detroit area who meet the definition of ‘media whore’.  Activist Robert Davis, Malik Shabazz and Charles Williams. Williams is also one to call on Rev. Al Sharpton when needed to boost the media profile an inch further.  Each one of these likes to keep the pot stirred.  It becomes a way of life for them.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan and NAACP Legal Defense fund are serving as expert consultants in the on going water fight.

Mayor Mike Duggan and his team stopped the water shut offs for a month.  They implemented a 10 point plan which gave residents a huge opportunity to get right with the bills that they owe. Thousands came out and did just that because they now know that the free water slide is drying up.

Attorney Alice Jennings said city and state officials should be more humane and continue a moratorium until a water affordability plan is implemented.

For not just a few years but for decades Detroit has been run into the ground by those that feel as if the rest of the world owes them a free ride on life.  That is exactly why there is an Emergency Manager in place trying to dig the city out of $18 billion in debt.

For those who are being resistant to change that is right for all and not just for some, the courts will more than likely throw out the hopes of any restraining order because the City of Detroit gave residents ample opportunity to start getting straight with their bills.

As previously written, water in this sense is not a right.  It is a service that is piped directly to businesses and homes.  Anyone using the service must pay for the continuation of that utility. If you are not willing to pay the rates, then move to an area where you can have a well drilled.

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