Otsego County Woman’s New Found Sobriety Comes at a High Price

OTSEGO COUNTY, MI – Her home destroyed.  Her life in shambles.  Dawn Weatherwax is facing an arraignment on arson and domestic violence charges stemming from a fire that she allegedly set in July when she was blindly intoxicated.

Dawn Weatherwax / Courtesy: Otsego County Sheriff's Office
Dawn Weatherwax / Courtesy: Otsego County Sheriff’s Office

41-year-old Dawn Weatherwax is scheduled to be arraigned on arson and domestic violence charges on Sept. 11th. 2014 in Otsego County.

On July 11th, 2014 Fire, EMS and Police were dispatched to a home fire near Vanderbilt, MI.  The home at 9508 Old US-27  North was a total loss.

According to reports, the initial 9-1-1 call came in shortly before 5:30 p.m. of a fully engulfed structure at 9508 Old 27 North just north of Vanderbilt between McGregor Road and Alexander Road. The fire took about an hour and a half to contain.

9508 Old 27 North, Corwith Township, MI
9508 Old 27 North, Corwith Township, MI

The Michigan State Police investigated the suspected arson that destroyed the home in Corwith Township.

Neighbors who witnessed the fire, some of them said they heard a female voice say, “I started the fire.”

Substance abuse in any form can have huge consequences. It’s what a person does after a mistake that matters most.

There is not one person alive who has not made a mistake that they regret.  Some mistakes are bigger than others but they are no less a mistake.

Missteps in life are caused by so many factors.  Misinformation, the unknown, not being aware of certain laws even though we are required to be, mental health issues, domestic problems, financial woes and yes even substance abuse.

No one is immune.  Some mistakes are only known by those who have made them.  Others are held out for public scrutiny at will.

There are those who have judged Dawn Weatherwax publicly in comments on line.  Her daughter, Erin Weatherwax, rightfully comes to her mothers defense.  Erin states in one comment:

She does not even remember the fire. Now that she is sober and doing everything in her power to stay sober, these charges are very real to her. I have not seen my mother smile in a very long time. In fact I see her cry every single time I see her. She has lost everything she owned, has criminal charges, and is very much in debt. Not to mention people judging her and bringing her down. Every comment like yours, some worse, make it harder for her to even hold her head up. I apologize if I have came off to you as a rude person. I am not looking for an argument, nor am I a rude person. I feel offended as people judge my mom while she is trying to be sober and struggling with suicidal thoughts. I can;t help but stand up for her as her daughter during her new found sobriety.

It is evident that Dawn Weatherwax is struggling from just this one comment alone from her daughter.  She is the exact type of person that should be given love, support and guidance not just by her family and those who still believe in her ability to weather this tragic storm but by a public that should reach out and ask how can we help?

Everyone who is pointing an accusing finger should remember these words “For every one accusing finger that you point at another person, there are two more pointing back at yourself.”


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