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Kwame Kilpatrick Appeals Conviction and it’s Headline News

DETROIT, MI – Just when Detroit looked like it was moving forward, Kwame kwame-kilpatrickKilpatrick is once again the lead story on the Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press & all because he has appealed his corruption conviction.

What is actually newsworthy about this is that he once again has garnered the top headlines for the day from these three organizations not the fact that he had his attorney, Harold Gurewitz, file the 80-page appeal with the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

Kilpatrick has had time to stew in prison for a while and is trying to figure out how he is going to get out of this boon-dongle. He still has 27 more years of his 28 year sentence to complete.  Is this what we are going to see time and time again?

Kwame Kilpatrick has tried to exit the system, that he alone put himself in, with various tactics.  On January 29th, 2014 a major article appeared in the Detroit Free Press entitled ‘Fund-raising website ‘to free Kwame Kilpatrick from prison’ on feds’ radar‘. The online fund-raising effort to free Kilpatrick from prison caught the attention of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which it rightfully should have.  He owes a great deal of money.

Kilpatrick is not happy about having to while his days away behind bars.  He has the absolute right to file appeals but unless something major comes of it, let him rot in place and let those of us on the outside enjoy our days not thinking about him.  It is simply amazing that after his conviction that a conversation has to take place because he continues to act like an entitled, spoiled brat at our expense.

Kwame Kilpatrick will say and do anything that he can or needs to try to become a free man again.  Kilpatrick, his family and friends who helped to bleed Detroit to its very core and who are now behind bars, some who are not, need to fade from our memories and become history.  Detroit is moving very forward without them.

Let’s not forget that he helped Detroit sink to its lowest with his illegal $5 billion deal that Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is trying to dig Detroit out of in bankruptcy court.

Yes we the taxpayer has to endure the expense of keeping him locked up but it sure is cheaper than letting him be on the loose.

This article definitely about the Hip Hop Ex-Mayor of Detroit will not gain the top spot here today and it should not in other major media either.  There are much better things to report on than him.

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