Detroit Police Chief James Craig Calls for Summit on Broken Criminal Justice System

DETROIT, MI – Detroit Police Chief James Craig is calling for a summit on the James Craigbroken criminal justice system in Wayne County.

The first person he should be calling is Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano. The second person should be Warren Evans who it is presumed will become the new Wayne County Executive in November and the third should the Governor Rick Snyder.

In an article published on Sunday, September 7th, 2014 in the Detroit News entitled Cops: Detroit shooting suspect on bond shoots again it states that Craig is calling for a summit with Wayne County judges and Prosecutor Kym Worthy in the wake of a recent shooting case that involves one hell-bent suspect who got out on bond.

The article outlines the lengths that one person will go to when wanting to silence a rival in the City of Detroit.

Steven Jackson, 21, and his half-brother, Robert Harris, 31, were each charged with two counts of assault with intent to commit murder and felonious assault after an August 9th, 2014 attack in which they allegedly opened fire, in broad daylight, on a 25-year-old man with whom they had an ongoing feud.

During Steven Jackson’s August 23rd arraignment, visiting Magistrate William J. Szlinis set bond at $100,000, allowing Jackson to get out of jail by posting 10 percent, or $10,000.  On Aug. 25, Jackson posted bail through You Walk Bail Bonds in Detroit and was released from the Wayne County Jail.

No prosecutor was present to object to the Steven Jackson’s bond because the hearing was held on a Saturday in Romulus’ 34th District Court.  Because of budget constraints, there isn’t enough manpower to send prosecutors to weekend arraignments.

Even the suspects mother became involved when she, Latarah Walker, allegedly ran into the victim in a gas station and threatened to have him shot if he testified in court against her son.   She was arrested and charged with witness intimidation.

On Thursday, September 4th, 2014, the night before Latarah Walker’s preliminary examination in the intimidation case, Steven Jackson allegedly went to the victim’s east side house and shot him several times in the chest. The man is hospitalized in serious condition, and Jackson is still on the loose.

On February 12th, 2014 Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy made the statement “We are really, really suffering, seriously suffering; we are not dispensing justice … as swiftly as we should”.  She also stated Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano ‘doesn’t give a damn about public safety’.  Those comments came about after Ficano slashed her funding by over 28 percent.

Worthy said her office has nearly 85 fewer employees, most of them attorneys, than the 200 it did two years ago.

If this one case does not put the glaring spot light on Robert Ficano and what he has done to Wayne County, then nothing will.  It should place the funding issue of the Wayne County Prosecutors Office squarely in the lap of Governor Rick Snyder as an emergency.

It should not matter that some funding was restored to Kym Worthy’s budget because even higher funding needs to be funneled into her office to make the system work as it should.

James Craig earns his respect every day with the citizens of Detroit.  He has been bringing crime down in large numbers since he took the helm of a very broken Detroit Police Department.

Wayne County cannot shed itself of Robert Ficano fast enough.  Ficano stands in the way of bringing crime under control in Wayne County.




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