Saginaw Michigan Funeral Home Offers Drive-thru Visitiation

SAGINAW, MI – (WNEM) – Call it novel.  Call it odd.  Call it bizarre.  Call it whatever you wish but don’t expect to see this convenience in a Pure Michigan ad.  Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw is now offering drive-thru visitation at their location.casket

Ivan Phillips, owner of Paradise Funeral Chapel, forked over more than $300,000 to have the convenience installed.  The design uses sensors to open and close the curtains when cars pull up and leave.

Paradise is providing the drive thru option to families at no additional charge. It’s designed to allow more people to see someone who has passed away, even if they can’t make the traditional visitation because of work, disability or other challenges.

As cars pull up to the drive-thru, curtains move back after a sensor in the ground detects a vehicle’s weight. Sharise Phillips, manager of the funeral home, said the drive-thru offers protection from inclement weather and comfort for the disabled.

The aspect of giving those with disabilities or other challenges the opportunity to pay their respects in this manner seems to be very acceptable.  However, the able-bodied need to remember that paying your last respects to those who have passed on is more for the loved ones left behind.

Loved ones like to meet, see and talk to those who come to visit.  Family and friends like to hear of your memories from you in person about the deceased.

Our lives should not be an inconvenience to others when we pass.  A life remembered is one where our busy lives get put on hold for just a short time because when the deceased was a live, they obviously touched your life enough for you to at least make it to a viewing window.  How about you park that car and go in to pay your respects properly.