Authorities Continue to Investigate Loaded Gun Brought to School

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GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, MI – Deputies say a fifth grade student had a gun that he brought into school on Monday.  The loaded pistol was found tucked in the boy’s waistband on Monday afternoon at Kingsley Middle School. Kingsley Middle School

The Grand Traverse Undersheriff says the fifth grader took the pistol from his grandfather’s house last Friday.

The Sheriff’s Department is still working to find out why the boy brought the gun to school.

Late this afternoon, the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s office received what appears to be a listing of students names that were written on the back of a homework assignment belonging to the student that brought the gun to Kingsley Middle School on Monday. The list was made by the student that brought the gun to the

Authorities believe the list was created to name a group of students to which he wanted to cause harm.

Sheriff’s Officials have talked with him and inquired about each name on the list and why each student was on it. During the interview the student did not make any direct threat or express any specific intention of harming any of the students on the list and maintained that he did not intend to cause harm to anyone.

Sheriff’s officials have been in contact with Kingsley School Officials about this development.  School Officials have identified the students on the list to the best of their abilities. This list was not specific and listed first names only. The student creating the list did not know all of the last names and may have misspelled names. School officials have contacted the parents of the students they believe are on the list.

The Sheriff’s Office and Kingsley School Officials do not believe there is any present threat to the safety of the students, parents, or staff and will continue following up on this new information.

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