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11 Year Old to Face Charges for Bringing Gun to School

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, MI – The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has authorized charges against the 11 year-old Kingsley Middle School Student that brought a firearm to the Middle School on Monday. Kingsley Middle School

Today, the Prosecutor authorized charges of carrying a weapon with unlawful intent, carrying a concealed weapon, and carrying a firearm in a gun free school zone from a Juvenile Petition submitted by the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say a fifth grade student had a gun that he brought into school on Monday.  The loaded pistol was found tucked in the boy’s waistband on Monday afternoon at Kingsley Middle School.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s office received what appears to be a listing of students names that were written on the back of a homework assignment belonging to the student that brought the gun to Kingsley Middle School on Monday. The list was made by the student that brought the gun to the school.

Authorities believe the list was created to name a group of students to which he wanted to cause harm.

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