Woman Found in 55 Gallon Drum Identified as Theresa DeKeyzer

Theresa DeKeyzer

22-year-old Theresa DeKeyzer

WARREN, MI – The medical examiner has identified and announced that the woman found in the 55 gallon drum, encased in cement, is that of Theresa DeKeyzer.

The hopes of the DeKeyzer family of finding 22-year-old Theresa DeKeyzer alive disappeared today after the medical examiner delivered the devastating news.

The DeKeyzer family received a telephone call from police last evening to notify them a body was found and that it was more than likely that of Theresa.

Their search has come to a tragic end.

The body of the woman was found at the Travel Trailer Storage facility, at 41980 Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth Township, MI on September 18th, 2014.  Warren police executed a search warrant at the storage facility in the search of Theresa DeKeyzer.

Travel Trailer Storage Facility

Travel Trailer Storage Facility

The gruesome discovery at the storage facility in Plymouth Township of  Theresa’s body inside a 55-gallon blue plastic drum, in a fetal position inside the barrel, that was filled with sand, sealed with cement and wrapped in plastic even shook up detectives. The barrel was apparently bolted to the floor of a small utility trailer at the facility.

The Michigan State Police bomb squad assisted with X-ray equipment to identify what was in the barrel that was sealed with cement.  An X-ray of the drum showed a female body wrapped in plastic and earrings.

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green said investigators ended up at the storage facility after receiving a tip in their investigation of DeKeyzer’s disappearance.

Scott Wobbe

Scott Wobbe

Her boyfriend, Scott Wobbe of Westland, was the last person known to see Theresa alive.  He has made statements that he dropped her off at 9 Mile and Van Dyke in Warren, near Theresa’s home on Lozier.  Many have questioned this statement wondering why he would drop her off within blocks of her home.

The day before DeKeyzer went missing, she was apparently involved in a physical altercation with Wobbe.  Scott Wobbe has a lengthy criminal history that includes assault convictions.

When DeKeyzer refused to get out of his car, he reportedly dragged her out by her shirt. She started hitting him with her fists, and he allegedly punched her back in the face. The fight ended when neighbors intervened and Wobbe, who was reported to be drunk, fled the scene.

Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green said her boyfriend, Scott Wobbe, is the main suspect in her disappearance.  Wobbe was sentenced July 24 for violating his probation on charges in Midland County of resisting and obstructing a police officer and drug offenses from April, and is being held in the Midland County Jail.

Crime Stoppers of Michigan had offered a $1,000 reward in the case.

A GoFundMe account had been set up a couple of weeks after Theresa had disappeared.  When Leah DeKeyzer created the account on July 6th, 2014 she wrote the following:

On behalf of my mother and brothers and sisters, I am creating this account with a heavy heart. As you know, my baby sister is missing. It has been nearly a month now, and there is still no sign of Theresa. This has been very difficult for my family, we are all extremely worried about her and the details are exhausting. Theresa is the fifth born of eight children who all love her dearly and just want to know she is okay. Without her, we are missing a piece of our hearts.

The emotional support we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.  It really is a great comfort to us to know that we have such a wonderful community of family and friends behind us.  I can’t express how much we appreciate every person who has reached out with comforting words, prayers, hugs, advice, and more.  We are absolutely doing everything we can to bring Theresa home, but we have nearly exhausted our resources.  It has become unexpectedly costly to conduct a search like this, which is why we feel the need to reach out.

In addition to this GoFundMe account, we have t-shirts available for a suggested donation of $10 each.  Sizes S-2XL

Any funds we receive will go toward helping us find Theresa. We are utilizing every resource we have, and cannot express enough the gratitude and appreciation we have for our amazing community for helping us get through this.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so, so much.  Thank you.

The Warren Police Department released a timeline explaining the investigation of the disappearance of 22-year-old Theresa Dekeyzer, who went missing from Warren in June.


·    Sunday, June 15th 2014 at 8:00pm, Theresa DeKeyzer was the alleged victim of a domestic assault that occurred on the 8600 block of Lozier. The assault was reported to the Warren Police by Theresa with the suspect, Scott Wobbe, gone from the scene.

·    June 15th 11:30pm was the last call made that evening by Theresa to Scott Wobbe’s phone.

·    Monday, June 16th at 6:00am was the last time that Scott Wobbe had seen Theresa. Scott stated to investigators that he had dropped Theresa off at her request at 9 Mile and Van Dyke.

·    Thursday, June 19th 8:30pm, Theresa’s family responds to the Warren Police Department to report her missing.

·    Friday, June 20th Detective Greg Booton was assigned the missing case of Theresa DeKeyzer. He contacted area hospitals and checked for police contacts as part of his investigation all with negative results.

·    Saturday, June 21st Detective Booton releases the missing information to the news media in an attempt to generate leads. Her family and friends also begin hanging posters and checking places frequented by Theresa.

·    The family received a tip that Theresa may have been seen at the Relax Inn in Roseville.

·    Sunday, June 22nd Warren Police detectives follow up on that lead. They spoke with a maintenance man who reported Theresa used his phone on June 18th. This information was followed up on which resulted in negative results.

·    Monday, June 23rd Warren Police detectives followed up on a tip that Theresa was seen at a medical marijuana dispensary in Detroit. Two persons employed at the dispensary informed detectives that Theresa was at the location on June 18th. That lead met with negative results

·    June 23rd Scott Wobbe is interviewed and provides his account of June 15th and 16th to investigators.

·    The Warren Police receive multiple tips, all of which are followed up on with negative results.

·    Tuesday, July 1st Detective Booton receives information from Theresa’s phone carrier that the last outgoing call from Theresa’s phone was made on June 16th at 8:27am in the area of 8 Mile and Groesbeck (Warren/Detroit border).

·    Wednesday, July 2nd Detectives responded to Westland for a second interview with Scott Wobbe.

·    Scott Wobbe was arrested on unrelated charges and is currently in Midland County.

·    July 2nd Warren Police and Westland Police executed a search warrant on Scott’s residence. Westland police secured evidence for possible charges unrelated to the disappearance of Theresa.

·    Thursday, July 3rd All Warren Police detectives working that day were detailed to canvass the area of Detroit from Van Dyke to Woodward McNichols to 8 Mile due to reports of Theresa being seen in the area. The canvass did not generate any viable leads.

·    Tuesday, July 8th Detective Booton had Theresa entered into National Missing Persons Database.

·    Detectives authored and executed multiple search warrants on phones, computers and records.

·    Thursday, July 17th Detective Booton met with a private investigator hired by the DeKeyzer family and provided him with the status of the investigation along with all the tips received.

·    Thursday, September 4th, Marney Rich Keenan of the Detroit News publishes an article detailing Theresa disappearance and requesting information.

·    Warren Police receive two separate tips that lead investigators to a storage lot in Plymouth Township.

·    Thursday, September 18th Warren Police along with detectives from Westland, Plymouth Township and Bomb Squad personnel from the Michigan State Police search an enclosed trailer. A 55 gallon drum was located inside the trailer and X-rayed by MSP. The images captured by the X-ray depict what is believed to be the remains of a human.

Clothing, jewelry and tattoo’s helped the medical examiner to identify Theresa DeKeyzer.

Authorities have stated that they will be speaking with no less than 3 other individuals who may have information pertaining to the investigation.  Attention has turned to Scott Wobbe given his connection to the utility trailer and the storage facility.

Fox 2 Detroit is reporting that the manager of the storage facility said that another man rented the facility to store the trailer but the second number and contact on the rental contract was Wobbe’s. He has not been officially charged by police in Dekeyzer’s death.