Armed Ossineke Man Involved in Standoff with Police

ALPENA, MI – Douglas William Howay, 57 years old, was involved with police during a standoff that has him behind bars.Emergency Support Team

Authorities were called out to a residence at 1213 Nicholson Hill Road in Ossineke, MI shortly after 9pm Saturday evening.

An argument between Howay and some of his relatives caused him to assault several individuals in the residence. The suspect had chased them with a metal pipe and pointed a rifle at them. Once they were able to run from the scene, they called 911.

Officials believe the relatives had been arguing about items being sold in a yard sale.

Howay, armed with the rifle, threatened troopers who responded to the scene.  After he repeatedly refused to exit the home, the Emergency Support Team (SWAT) was called on for assistance.

He refused to exit his home until 8:00 AM the next morning, where he was immediately taken into custody.

“He was armed with a hunting rifle that had a telescopic sight on it. We executed a search warrant immediately after his arrest and we seized numerous firearms and lots of ammunition.”

While Howay held troopers at bay, his mother, a wheel–chair bound woman, was still in the house after the relatives fled, but was found unharmed.

He has been charged with Attempted Homicide, and 3 counts of Felonious Assault.