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Huron Humane Society of Alpena Posts Reward Concerning Animal Abuse

ALPENA, MI – The Huron Society of Alpena is seeking information about the abuse of a small black cat and is offering a $250 reward that ends in the prosecution of the kids that did this.

On September 27th, 2014 The Huron Society of Alpena posted the following:

Alpena friends, this poor kitty lives on Golf course road, his owner black catheard him scream and when they got to him a couple of kids took off running (boys and girls laughing) they had doused him with kerosene… apparently this time of year people like that look for black cats to do that to…. we are up to a $250.00 reward for successfully finding the kids who did this. They ran to the apartments near pinecrest…

Animal abuse is no laughing matter and can also signal further trouble down the road when it comes to children doing such things to innocent pets.

Those who caused the injuries to this cat need to be found and dealt with accordingly.  Anyone who is aware of animal abuse in any county needs to step up and contact authorities.

The owners of the cat believe it will be alright since they did get to it in time.

Many online are outraged at the actions of those who did this and want these individuals tracked down and prosecuted.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact either the Huron Society of Alpena at

or contact The Alpena Police Department at

  • 501 W Chisholm Street
  • Alpena, Michigan 49707
  • Phone: (989)-354-1800
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