Leelanau County Road Worker Tipsey on the Job

LEELANAU COUNTY, MI – A passing trucker called Leelanau Dispatch to report what he believed to be an intoxicated flagman in road construction on N West Bay Shore Drive near Omena in Leelanau Township Monday afternoon. It turns out the trucker was right.Flagger

A Leelanau County deputy contacted the flagman and quickly determined that the 30 year-old man was intoxicated.

Another witness said they saw the man go into a local store and buy Schnapps, which he admitted consuming to the deputy. He also showed the investigator 24 cans of beer he had in a soft cooler next to him.

The foreman for the contractor who was on site removed the man from his post immediately after being notified of his condition. The man’s status with the company is unknown.

No charges will be requested on the flagman. No one was injured nor any accidents reported due to his condition.

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