Senior Citizen Scammed out of $11 Grand

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI – The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office investigated a fraud/Phone scam in Garfield Township involving a 90-year-old victim. Phone Scam

The victim received a phone call by someone who told them that they won a check valued at $8.5 million dollars, $10,000 cash and a new car.

The victim was instructed that they would receive their prize after paying the taxes on it. The victim did not realize that they were a target of a scam. They unfortunately sent nearly $11,000 to the suspect(s) before family members became involved and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

Individuals who are involved in these types of scams target the elderly and individuals who they know have fallen on hard times. They typically request  payments in the form of Green Dot money cards, prepaid debit cards, money through Western Union and cash through the US mail.

Please visit to learn more about fraudulent scams. You may also  report complaints using this website.

You are also advised to speak to elders in your family or those near you to make them aware of these type of crimes so that they can understand how to protect themselves.

In yet another scam circulating throughout the day on November 3rd, 2014, the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office has received phone calls from approximately 12 residents concerning a well know phone scam related to the Internal Revenue Service.

Residents reported receiving calls from someone identifying themselves as being with the IRS. They were informed that they owed back taxes and if they did not pay, an arrest warrant would be issued from them within a 24 hour period.

The person(s) involved told residents that they could pay their back taxes  by purchasing Green Dot money cards from local convenience stores and providing the security pin code to the caller.  Residents who called Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office did not follow through with the request of the caller(s) because they suspected fraud.

Residents should be aware of their financial situations, which would help them avoid being a victim to this type of scam. Residents can always contact Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office or your local authorities should they have questions concerning suspicious phone calls.

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