Gov. Rick Snyder has been Re-elected to a Second Term

LANSING, MI – Republican Governor Rick Snyder has been re-elected to a second term beating out Democratic candidate Mark Schauer.Rick Snyder

As of 10pm Gov. Snyder had 55% of the vote to Mark Schauer’s 45%.  The race was nowhere near as close as so many had thought.

This was an election that so many pundits tried to say one way or another that each candidate would be elected for various reasons.  However, there was no real clear reason prior to the vote of why one candidate was better than the other.

Rick Snyder ran on his accomplishments and had a very sunny campaign.

In contrast, Mark Schauer’s campaign ran on the negatives of what he saw that Snyder was lacking.  Schauer could not point to any major accomplishments in government and also suffered from lack of name recognition.  There also appeared to be a major lack of believability in Mark Schauer’s campaign.

The Schauer campaign tried very hard to deal blows to Snyder’s record on education funding which Rick Snyder came out on a person level and worked to correct misinformation with the numbers that Mark Schauer was putting out to the public.