Warren Evans Elected as the New Wayne County Executive

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DETROIT, MI – Warren Evans has beat out John Dalton to become the new Wayne County Executive.Warren Evans

Warren Evans won with 72% of the vote over opponent John Dalton.

Warren Evans lead the poles with 46% of the vote to Robert Ficano’s 6% in the Primary Election. Former Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans did in fact  unseat current Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

Every time voters were polled on this run up to election night, Warren Evans was in the lead and has stayed there throughout.  It was no surprise that he did become the new Wayne County Executive.

Scandal is nothing new to Robert Ficano and his administration.  Those scandals continue to cost the taxpayers big money.  Taxpayers have paid out more than $800,000 to law firms hired to defend Robert Ficano and his administration. The county approved spending up to almost  $1.2 million to defend itself as of the end of 2013.  The county also continues to pay lawyers and a data service company to comply with the FBI’s ongoing probe into the county.  Many individuals have been convicted from that probe.  It has been widely reported that Ficano has wasted millions of county money with sweetheart retirement deals to his appointees too.

Residents of Wayne County have been making it well known that they have had enough of Ficano.  His sweetheart deals, millions in wasted taxpayer money on the failed jail project have added to a huge financial deficit that many are wondering how the County is going to dig itself out of.  Evans has said that a forensic audit of the books in Wayne County is a top priority to him.

MI Headlines Congratulates Wayne County Executive Elect Warren Evans

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