Alert Redford Township Police make several Arrests

REDFORD, MI – Two officers used effective patrol techniques and made traffic stops that resulted in arrests for more serious things, and an alert resident made a call that resulted in an arrest.arrested

All of these arrests took place on Friday, November 7th, 2014.

In the first case, an officer stopped a vehicle and arrested the two passengers. One for a misdemeanor warrant for a drug crime, and the other for a new drug charge.

The driver was at first arrested for a drug charge and for not having his license with him. When the second passenger was properly identified later, she turned out to have a misdemeanor warrant for violating probation on a property crime conviction.

When the driver was properly identified later, he turned out to be a fugitive parole absconder, with an original conviction for unarmed robbery.

In the second case, the officer checked on a vehicle in traffic and discovered that the Dearborn Heights Police Department wanted any agency that spotted the vehicle to stop it and identify the occupants on suspicion of being involved in a burglary in their city.

The driver was also found to have two Redford traffic warrants and one Livonia warrant for retail fraud.

The last case took place when an alert resident spotted suspicious activity and called the police.

She received a prompt response, and a man driving a van in her neighborhood was stopped by a responding officer.  The man was found to have a misdemeanor warrant for a drug crime out of Dearborn.

Other than drug and traffic violations, the arrestees did not commit any new crimes in Redford. You’ll note from the warrants that some of them have track records including property crimes and robbery. It will never known what they were up to or what they were capable of because they were stopped in their tracks by effective policing.

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