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Grand Traverse Sheriff warning concerning Fake Utility Workers

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to be cautious if utility workers knock and make unscheduled contact.Grand Traverse Sheriff

On November 6, 2014, a Long Lake Township woman allowed a man into her home when he said he was from the power company to check on a problem.

The next morning, the woman noticed her purse had been moved to a different area of the house and money was missing. This is the only report of this type of incident at this time.

If someone comes to your house identifying themselves as a utility worker for unscheduled maintenance, do not let them in.

It is not standard practice for utility companies to arrive unannounced and unscheduled for any service work. Use the door peephole before answering your door. Check for identification markings on their vehicle and uniform. Ask for identification badge credentials.

Make a phone call to the company to verify that information and the reason for the visit. If the worker does not provide identification or allow you to make phone calls to verify their identification and/or purpose, then call police.

Each company has different policies and practices for completing service work. Call your utility company if you have any questions or concerns about
allowing a worker in for service.

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