City of Wyoming issues Winter Weather and Operations Update

KENT COUNTY, MI – The City of Wyoming’s Assistant Director of Public Works Scott Zastrow has provided this winter weather and operations update.wyoming

Current temperature is 18 degrees and rising. The wind chill is 11 degrees. Lake Effect snow is falling and expected to continue through early Thursday evening. The National Weather Service has not issued any reports today. To date we have had 10.9 inches of snow at the airport.

We are anticipating an additional 6-10 inches of snow fall between now and Thursday evening. Friday is anticipated to have little or no snowfall with light winds, which will allow us to catch up with the overall snow removal. Saturday begins a warm-up to approximately 40 degrees with rain. Unfortunately, there is a possibility of ice on Saturday. On Sunday, the long range forecast is calling for about 1 inch of rain which may lead to some flooding.

The operation staffing is still assigned to daytime hours. Five members of the staff will be transitioning to nights on Sunday Nov. 30. Five additional staff members will be transitioning on December 14th.

Last night we had five salt spreaders operating around the clock. Five salt spreader operators relieved the day time salt spreader operators at 7 p.m. Five plow operators were called in at 11 p.m. to work through the night. The 10 operators were sent home to rest today and will return tonight at 7 p.m.

The operators focused on the first priority/major and second priority/collector streets throughout the night. This morning the daytime group moved to plowing the third priority/local streets. The first and second priority streets are functional. We are plowing the 3rd priority streets to ensure when the additional 6-10 inches of snow falls between now and Thursday night, residents can get in and out of their neighborhoods.

Staffing Operational Status

Day Shift

  • 26 team members are assigned to the day shift
  • Two team members gave up scheduled vacation days to came to work last night and today
  • 10 team members are scheduled to be working tonight

Night Assignments

  • 10 team members are assigned to work scheduled overtime tonight with an anticipated start time of 7 p.m.
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