Detroit Police arrest two on Narcotics Charges

DETROIT, MI – On November 18, 2014, Officers received a narcotics complaint for marijuana being sold near a school zone. Detroit Police

The officers investigated a dwelling in the 2300 block of Elmhurst.

Upon investigation, officers discovered that the dwelling appeared to be vacant and had an illegal utility hook up. As officers continued to further investigate around the dwelling, they heard through the holes in the door, two suspects talking inside.

The officers looked through the hole in the door, and observed one suspect carrying a gallon size bag filled with smaller bags of marijuana and a scale. He then opened the door to the basement and placed the bag into something in the stair well .

The second suspect was seen removing a long 2×4 from the same door that the officers were looking through and began to open it.As the door opened, officers gave verbal commands and detained both suspects.

Officers recovered a 25 caliber nickel plated handgun, 35 small bags of marijuana, a digital scale and an undisclosed amount of U.S currency. Both suspects were arrested and conveyed to the Detroit Detention Center for processing.