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Detroit Police Stop possible Carjacking Suspect in his Tracks

DETROIT, MI – It is unclear at this time what the suspect’s intent was during this incident but he is now behind bars.carjacking

On Thursday November 20th, 2014 at approximately 8:30 pm, Detroit Police Officers working in plainclothes, detectives from the homicide division, driving a general assignment vehicle (2004 blue Impala with a municipal plate) were stopped at a traffic intersection on Gratiot and Brush in Detroit.

While stopped at the light, the suspect approached from the passenger side of the vehicle and attempted to gain entry by lifting up the front passenger side door handle several times.

Officers placed the vehicle in park at which time the suspect walked over to another vehicle adjacent to the officers, stopped at the same traffic signal. This vehicle was occupied by an unknown white female, driving a black newer model Lincoln sedan.

The suspect opened the door of the female victim’s vehicle. The officers feared that the suspect was attempting to carjack the female.

Due to the circumstances, Officers veered the offender away from the unknown female’s vehicle and placed him into custody.

The unknown female driver sped off at a high rate of speed when the suspect opened her vehicle’s door. The Officers were unable to obtain any information from her, due to the circumstances.

Upon further investigation, the officers found that the suspect was on parole. The suspect’s parole agent was contacted and a detainer was placed in lieu of the pending violations. The suspect was arrested and processed at the Detroit Detention Center.

No further information is available at this time

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