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Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

MICHIGAN – Snow continues to fall in northeast Michigan.  Roads could be snow-covered and icy.  An accumulation of 2-4 inches was expected but in some areas at least 6 inches or more has already fallen. Caution is advised on the roads as you travel.

An estimated 1.5 million Michiganders will travel during the 102-hour Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend and MI Headlines would like to see that everyone arrives at their destinations safely. Thanksgiving

The combination of long distance travel and a relatively short time period can turn deadly.

Thirteen people were killed and 631 were injured in car accidents during the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday.

In order to avoid becoming a statistic, MI Headlines advises you to get plenty of rest before driving, avoid alcohol and wear your seat belts.

Crashes spike on Wednesday and Sunday evening – the two heaviest travel times. Postponing your departure until Thursday morning decreases the likelihood of being involved in a crash with a deer or drowsy or drunk driver by almost 50%.

The holiday coincides with the firearm deer season, which means hunters will add to the numbers on the road during the high travel holiday. A large deer herd, combined with large numbers of cars on the road, creates a high probability for collisions.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels from MI Headlines!

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