Grandma’s Last Holiday Season

COMSTOCK TOWNSHIP, MI – A story that we learned about this morning from Fox17, it touched our hearts and felt it was necessary to help spread the word about Grandma’s Last Holiday Season.Phyllis Tucker

For anyone who has had a grandparent that has touched their life in numerous ways that they cannot be counted, this is a way to help someone with a wish for his grandma.

Tylor Westra just wants to give his grandmother the best possible Christmas ever.  This Christmas could very well be the last he will have with his grandmother.

Phyllis Tucker, 73-years-old, is in the end stages of lung cancer while also battling other medical issues.

On a GoFundMe page Westra writes:

My grandmother has been told she’s not long for this world. Money has been an issue throughout her entire life and I wanted to make sure she had one extraordinary Christmas!

Asking for help isn’t easy, but my grandmother, Phillis June Tucker, has always loved Christmas and the decorations (especially the lights and blowup lawn ornaments). She has spent many years making sure we all had memorable holidays, and we would like to return the favor.

She is currently on hospice and things seem to be getting worse. Her body is shutting down and the doctors will not operate because her lungs and heart are too weak to withstand any operation.

She has always wanted to go to New York for Christmas see Times Square with the tree and all of the sights, unfortunately with the way things are progressing that’s just not possible.

We want to be able to give her that type of special scene in our own backyard. As with everyone, money is stretched tight with bills and other medical expenses. It is her last Christmas and we want to make sure it’s her best ever.

Any amount is absolutely appreciated, again it’s not easy to ask for help but at this point it’s needed. Thank you.

As of this morning, December 1st, 2014 at total of $660 has been donated.

Westra is accepting donations of Christmas items. He’s also asking the community to send Christmas cards to his grandmother. They can be mailed to PO BOX 115, Comstock, MI 49041.

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