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Detroit’s Mayor Duggan Testified in Lansing on Foreclosure Issue

LANSING, MI – Mayor Mike Duggan was in Lansing on December 2nd, 2014 to testify on House Bill 4882.  MyDetroitCable was in Lansing today and captured this video of testimony about bills to help people avoid foreclosure due to property tax debt.City of Detroit

House Bill 4882 is aimed to amend the General Property Tax Act to do the following:

— Allow a foreclosing governmental unit to create a delinquent property tax installment payment plan for the principal residence of a financially distressed person.

— Allow the governmental unit to remove the property from a foreclosure petition if the person made the initial payment required under the plan.

— Require additional interest to be waived if the person successfully completed the payment plan.

— Require the property to be included in the next foreclosure petition if the person did not complete the payment plan.

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