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Redford Township Police post stats on Booked Incidents

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI – From January 1st, 2013 to November 30th, 2013 Redford Police booked 36,047 incidents. For the same period this year they booked 46,376, a 28% increase. Redford Township Police

This is something they spoke about in their Citizens Police Academy. A booked incident is any incident logged into our computer system. If an officer makes a traffic stop, it is logged. If he does a patrol check in a neighborhood, it is usually logged.

When Redford Police are dispatched to an incident, whether it is a disturbance, request for assistance, check the area for a suspicious vehicle or subject, traffic crash or assist other agency, an incident is logged.

Some incidents require a written report, some are only comments in the computer system. Of those incidents, we are at 9012 that required written reports, as opposed to 8426 last year.

Why the drastic increase?

For the same time periods in 2013 Redford Police had issued 11,123 traffic citations. (One citation can include up to 3 offenses, these numbers only reflect the citation number, not multiple offenses).

For 2014 Redford Police have issued 14,055, and they are up over 400 traffic arrests from last year at the same time. Traffic tickets and arrests are normally self-initiated incidents. Officers see the violation, take action, and log a stop.

Traffic stops also account for a large number of our narcotics related arrests, warrant arrests and arrests for other contraband, (weapons offenses, stolen property). The increase in self-initiated activity is significant, just about 26%.

The large number of newer officers, more proactive police enforcement, and the closure of I-96 all contributed to the increased numbers for self-initiated activity.

They are truly dedicated to keeping Redford and its residents safe.

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