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Clinton Township Police PSA on Green Dot or Moneypak cards

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – The Clinton Township Police Department would like to make as many aware as possible about the right and wrong on the usage of Green Dot or Moneypak cards.Green Dot

Do you recognize these cards? They are called Green Dot or Moneypak cards, and there are several other brand names.

They have legitimate purposes but are frequently used as a tool for scam artists.

You can buy them at any convenience store, paying cash to place a value on the card, then give the code number on the card to another party so that they can collect the money… similar to old-fashioned Western Union.

If you ever find yourself using these cards to electronically transfer money somewhere, make sure you know who you are doing business with.

Remember: No government agency or law enforcement agency in the country will ever demand money this way to pay fines, warrants, or tax penalties.

There is a popular scam in which a crook will claim to be from the IRS or some other agency & advise an unsuspecting victim to buy such a card, then give the caller the # so they can collect the money. The caller may know personal details about you, but don’t fall for it.

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