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Redford Township Police arrest 7 for Drinking and Driving

REDFORD, MI – Tis the Season! Since Friday afternoon, December 5th, 2014 Redford Township Police have made seven arrests for Operating While Intoxicated. Holiday Lights

Of the seven, six of those were the result of the intoxicated driver causing an accident. Two of the accidents were single vehicle crashes, and the other four involved injuries.

Please use a designated driver, cab or limo service. Bartenders will call for you if you ask. If you have been drinking and think you can drive safely, reconsider. If a spouse, friend or someone else tells you maybe you should not drive, DON’T!

Nothing changes the effect of alcohol on your system except time. Drinking coffee makes you a wide awake drunk, food makes you a full drunk, driving with the windows down makes you a cold drunk, and a shower makes you a wet drunk. Your body must burn off the alcohol over time.

As Christmas and New Years approach, be aware that extra patrols will be out enforcing the laws.  Those extra patrols are not just in Redford but throughout the State of Michigan.  Don’t Drink & Drive.

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