Traverse City 7-11 Bomb Threat Scam

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – On December 9th, 2014, at 1:38pm, the 7-11 store on Barlow Street received a call of a bomb threat. Traverse City 7-11

The caller told the owner there was a bomb in the store set to go off in fifteen minutes if they did not send money via a green dot money card. The caller had a foreign accent and the phone call originated from another state.

The Traverse City Police Department responded to similar calls at the 7-11 Stores on Cochlin Avenue and Fourteenth Street near the same time.

The Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office K-9 Explosives Detection Team responded and checked the area in and around the Barlow Street store. No explosive devices or suspicious items were located.

Normal business activity was disrupted for approximately two hours.