Oakland County 17 yr old Arrested after making threats Online

BRANDON TOWNSHIP, MI – A 17-year-old Ortonville teen was arrested by Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies on Wednesday, December 1oth, 2014 after the teen had posted very disturbing messages using an app on his smartphone.After school App

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said a 17-year-old, who was arrested Wednesday morning, used the popular “After School” app to make his threats — posting, “Tomorrow I’m gonna shoot and kill every last one of you, and it’s going to be bigger than Columbine…Death to you all.”

Bouchard said the posts included pictures of person holding a pump shotgun with the words:”Bang bang Brandon, bang bang.”  The teen was referencing Brandon High School in Ortonville.

Parents were concerned for their children’s safety and many were kept home for the day.

Officials from Oakland County and Livingston County have been warning parents and students about the app.  Many students across the country have been using it for bullying and harassment purposes.  Some have even been using it in attempts to get school canceled for the day.

The app had been pulled but is one again available.  The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department posted to Facebook “These anonymous apps serve no purpose other than creating conditions for threats and bullying. Hopefully the almost 1000 kids that were gone from schools today will return tomorrow with a feeling of safety.

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