Outgoing Michigan Rep. Olumba insults Residents and Leaders (Video)

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LANSING, MI – Outgoing Michigan Representative John Olumba has outraged many residents and leaders in his insult riddled rant on the House floor on December 10th, 2014.  Full video of that speech is below this article.John Olumba

Olumba takes aim at Asians, Chaldeans, children with special needs and Transgender people in a very psychotic and bizarre farewell speech.

During the speech, Olumba made the remark “Asians and Chaldeans should have a Black Misery Appreciation Day, they are selling fake hair, gas, and loose cigarettes to people all across Detroit that are hoping to catch a breath of fresh air. And making a fortune doing it,” he said. “I want African-Americans to get back to our principles of once being an honorable and spiritual people, who wanted most to be right in front of God. When we have him, we won’t need the Chaldean to sell us loose cigarettes or the Korean to sell us weave or the media and Hollywood and the music industry to sell us toxic rap music.“.

He also made the disgusting statement “To me seeing a guy dressed up as a girl is either going to be really funny or really sad,” he said. “But I mean let’s make the observation and move on, but don’t offend me by comparing his journey to wear panty hose to work because he feels more secure in them to Martin Luther King being assassinated or to my wife’s father being sprayed with hoses or bitten by dogs, or to my great uncles being jailed multiple times. Or to millions of people losing their lives to forced bondage and servitude.”

If it was not bad enough, during the speech he also used the  word “retarded” in reference to those with a mental disability.

“Sometimes it’s like if Jerome isn’t good in math or reading, then he must be retarded he can’t be good at anything else,” he said.

John Olumba is an Independent Democrat who was serving his second term as a member of the Michigan State House of Representatives. He had represented the 3rd house district located in Wayne County, which comprises the north central and eastern portions of Detroit.

After this speech, very few will be sorry to see him leave.  Further information about this dead-beat is found from Fox 2 Detroit.

“A Fox 2 analysis found that as of May 29, the attendance rate for Michigan House members averaged nearly 99 percent.  Olumba scored around 65 percent.

He has missed more than a third of the House sessions this year, failing to show up at least 17 times, and when he did bother to make the scene, he was often late. He has more than a dozen tardies.

According to MichiganVotes.org, Olumba also failed to vote more than 50 times. Again, that is more misses than any other lawmaker.”

Olumba’s final record for the year:  He missed 259 votes out of 1197 Roll Calls.  The worst record of any representative.  *Missed votes include all roll calls on which a legislator did not vote, regardless of whether the legislator was present or absent.

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