Holiday Travel could be dicey in Northern Michigan

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ALPENA, MI – Welcome to the first day of Winter 2014.  As everyone looks forward to Christmas on Thursday, those who will be traveling to northern Michigan may find it a slower go on the roads.Christmas Eve

The forecast for Monday through Thursday calls for rain changing to snow with strong winds.

AccuWeather is watching a storm bearing strong winds, heavy snow, torrential rain, thunderstorms and fog that will converge on the Northeast and Midwest on Christmas Eve and will likely create major travel delays, both on the roads and at airports.

The early stages of travel problems from patchy rain and fog will develop on Tuesday. The most widespread travel disruptions and the worst weather conditions in terms of windswept rain and travel-impairing snow will be centered on Christmas Eve.

Problems due to snow and wind will continue in the Upper Midwest and central Appalachians into Christmas Day.

Michigan State Police will be out on the roadways watching for any problems.  They are reminding drivers to take it slow on ice and snow.

Motorists are encouraged to drive safely and visit to check road conditions before traveling.

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