Red Flags raised in details of 4 teens Shot in Detroit

DETROIT, MI – From the very moment that details started emerging about four teens being shot at the border of Grosse Pointe and Detroit, the story and the evidence have been colliding.Crime Scene

What is known is this:

  1. 5 teenagers ranging in the age of 15 – 17 years of age were sitting in a car just over the border from Grosse Pointe in Detroit.
  2. They were in a car in a desolate area of Detroit that is not well lighted and has few occupied homes.
  3. The teenagers have already admitted that they had pulled over to smoke pot before they were going to go to a movie.
  4. A gunman locates them and opens fire with some type of assault rifle on the car filled with the teenagers.
  5. One of those teens, Paige Stalker, is shot in the back of the head and killed.  Three other teens in that car are also struck by bullets but are expected to survive.  A fifth teen was unharmed.

“We do not believe this is a random attack,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said on Tuesday, stressing that “there are some other dimensions of this that we know about that I can’t go into at this point.”  At least that is his initial take on the situation and if thought about it logically enough, he is giving the general public a heads up that there is a whole different story that will emerge.

There are two large questions in this tragic situation:

  1. Where were those teenagers before the shooting took place and what were they doing prior to 9:15pm when the shooting happened?
  2. What would anger someone so much who has an assault rifle to fire over 30 rounds of gun fire into a car with five teenagers in it?

One piece to the whole story that sticks out probably more than anything is that the gunman had on ‘a bullet proof vest and fatigues’.  It is possible yes but how probable is that detail?

Another detail that just is not fitting in is that the teens stated to police that they were in the area to “pick up the brother of one of the teenagers”.  If that is true and the area is desolate, why would that relative be in that particular area of Detroit?

All but one of the five that were in that car were from the well-heeled Grosse Pointes.  All areas of wealth and privilege.  That is not to say that the teenager from the Detroit area was less than the others.  It just goes to show that even the children of the affluent can and do go sideways in life.

Because they are young, what the surviving teens fail to realize is, eventually the streets will tell the truth.  So before the streets start talking, they better do it first and get it right.  Even if they are the victims and they continue not tell the truth, they could face charges of Obstruction, at the very least, brought against them.

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