Traverse City area man arrested for Malicious Destruction of Police Property

TRAVERSE CITY, MI – Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a 21-year-old Suttons Bay man for Malicious Destruction of Police Property.police

Deputies had responded to a residence on W. South Airport Road at 2:24 a.m. on New Year’s morning, after the owner of the residence called Central Dispatch to report an unknown man on the porch knocking on the door.

Upon arrival, deputies found an intoxicated male on the porch, stating he was looking for a female he believed to reside there. The current homeowner said he did not know the person who the man was looking for and did not know the suspect.

Deputies offered him a ride to help him get back home. While transporting the man, he began to swear at the deputy and punched the flexiglass divider. He was told to not do that again. The man then pulled forcefully on a door handle, breaking it.

Deputies then arrested and handcuffed the man. He was taken to the Grand Traverse County Jail. A PBT given to the man showed his blood alcohol level at .26.

He is lodged in the county jail waiting to be arraigned.

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