Warren Evans takes over as Wayne County Executive

DETROIT, MI – In yet another sign that southeast Michigan is changing for the better, Warren Evans took over as Wayne County Executive on January 5th, 2015.Warren Evans

In his first steps he is already working to save Wayne County taxpayers money by slashing $1.2 million with fewer staff and lower salaries.

Evans has promised a thorough review of the county’s books and previously had stated that he will call for a forensic audit. Wayne County is facing huge challenges based on mismanagement by former Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

The county has accumulated a deficit of an estimated $100 million, and it has been operating a yearly deficit near $30 million for the past several years.

Warren Evans also inherits the failed Wayne County Jail project.  Decisions need to be made to scrap what is there and move in a different direction or restart the project and find ways to make it work.

Federal prosecutors have had Robert Ficano in their sights for some time now.  It would be more of a surprise if he were not charged with a slew of crimes from the lengthy and deep investigation that has been ongoing with him and his administration.

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