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City of Alpena reminds residents concerning Sidewalk Snow Removal

ALPENA, MI – The City of Alpena would like to remind residents to keep the sidewalks in front of their properties clear of snow.Man Shoveling

City Ordinance requires each property owner or occupant to keep the sidewalks open and passable for pedestrians. It is also important not to place or deposit snow on any street. Issues generally arise when someone has their driveway plowed and snow is left in the street or blocking the sidewalk. If you have someone plowing your driveway, please make sure they are aware of this requirement.

Sufficient time is given after a snowfall event, generally 24-48 hours, for residents to comply with the requirements. If an owner or occupant does not remove the snow from the sidewalk, further action may be taken, which may include clearing the snow and billing the property owner for the cost.

Questions regarding this requirement may be directed to Donald Gilmet, City Building Official at 989-354-1761 or
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